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We build bespoke titanium ebikes, just for you.

Because you are unique!

Our Bikes are handmade to order, with your choice of finishing components, delivered securely to your door, current lead time is 20 weeks from confirmed order. To ensure timely delivery and exceptional quality we will only produce 100 bikes per year.

Prices start from €6000.00, this price is based on the bike that you see in the 'Gallery' images, a full specification can be found here.

How it works

Bike fit is a comprehensive assessment that determines your personal optimal riding position. The optimal setup for bespoke bike is calculated based on your personal cycling preferences. The most important questions are: What is the ideal saddle setup for you (saddle height and saddle setback), what is your ideal handlebar setup (handlebar reach and handlebar drop), what is the correct frame size and geometry, all these factors help you obtain your perfect riding position.

An ideal riding position on the bicycle is different for everyone and must therefore be determined personally. Your optimal riding position does not only depend on your height or leg length, but is determined by:

  • Various body proportions (trunk, arm, leg, thigh, feet, etc.)

  • Your physical fitness and flexibility

  • Your cycling goals

  • Your cycling surroundings


The best bike fit is obtained with a personal dynamic bike position measurement, performed by an experienced professional. Most dynamic bike fits are expensive, takes up a lot of time and there is a big variation in quality between different bike fitters. For example, in a study conducted in Belgium the same people went to 6 different bike fitters and the advices for the different bike measurements turned out to be more than 3 cm apart.

Best Bike Advice offers a much cheaper and more objective alternative with an online bike fit. For the vast majority of people, this online advice is as useful as a bike fit in person. The disadvantage of our model calculation is that a model calculation can never take all exceptions into account. For example, if you have a significant leg length difference, an excessive curvature in the back or an aberrant cycling style, then a personal dynamic bike fit is certainly recommended.

Our advice comprises a report including all recommended sizes and setup adjustments based on your fitness and cycling goals. The used method is based on scientific studies supplemented with the experience and knowledge of various bikefit experts and a sports physician. In addition, you will receive extensive information including recommendations for adjusting your bicycle setup and for checking and further optimizing your riding position.

We use an online bike fitting tool,Bike fit, which allows the customer to accurately measure their body, input their riding style and fitness level, this generates a report that we use to optimize the design of the bike frame. All frames are handmade from aerospace grade titanium tube to our exact geometry and specification, to further enhance the user experience we offer a wide range of

high-end components from carefully selected suppliers to finish their bespoke build.

Bike fit

Contact Points

This refers to the parts of the bike that have contact with the rider; pedals, saddle, and handlebar grips, for these critical components we have teamed up with Brooks England, Ergon from Germany, and Crank Brothers from the USA. Ultimately the customer can choose pretty much anything from our supply partners range, and we will procure it and fit it to their bike. We haven’t worked it out, but we think that there are over 5,000 possible configurations, so no two bikes will ever be alike.

Click on the icons below to choose components from our carefully selected supply partners to finish your bespoke build.

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