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Titanium was chosen for the frame because of its unparalleled strength to weight ratio, providing a quiet, smooth, supple ride. It’s offered in a

hand-brushed finish, it will never rust and can easily be re-brushed to remove small scratches.

Titanium is half the weight of steel for a tube of the same tensile strength and twice as strong as aluminium alloy. That's why it's the best metal for many aerospace applications. Titanium is also more resistant to fatigue and impact than aluminium alloys, so it copes better with bumps and bashes

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We opted for the Bafang M800 (250w) motor because, in our tests, it provided the most natural assist delivery, is extremely compact and near silent, in fact tyre noise is louder!

Designed for minimal aerodynamic drag and maximum efficiency, this compact drivetrain will boost you to enjoy ever longer rides. Despite the minimalistic design of the lightweight drive unit (< 2,3kg), with a high torque output of 55Nm max and doesn't add to the rolling resistance when they go beyond the legal support limit of 25kph (Europe, upto 45kph in the US)

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The customer has a choice of either a Shimano Alfine 11- speed hub transmission or a Fully automatic hub from Enviolo, we’ve tested both extensively and both work extremely well. We would recommend the Shimano unless you really want fully automatic shifting and a cleaner handlebar (no shifter), but it is nearly a kilo heavier and is bulkier.

All bikes are built specifically to use a Gates Carbon belt, it provides clean, quiet, maintenance free transmission and has proved extremely reliable.

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Integrated Lighting

For added safety we have integrated lights front and rear, they are fully automatic, so will switch on as ambient light fades. The lights are run directly from the E-bike battery so you will never have to change batteries or remove them to charge, all cables are internally routed. Our lights are provided by Supernova, Germany and are E-bike rated, they conform to StVZO standards.
We can supply the bike without lights or with other options from Leyzne.


After extensive research we opted to develop our own battery packs, we wanted something discreet, reliable, and robust, that could be attached or removed with just one hand. To do this we engineered a quick connect system that uses two keyways and magnetic latching, the battery discharge port, from Rosenberger in Germany, also uses magnets to ensure perfect contact location every time. To produce a robust, lightweight package, we opted to 3d print the battery cases using the very latest HP JetFusion 5200 series printers, which provide fine detail with excellent dimensional accuracy and ultimately produces a very tough but lightweight battery. We offer two battery packs; ‘Sprint’ with a range of 70km, weighing 1.35kg and a ‘Tour’ battery which is a little bulkier, weighing 1.85kg and is good for 100km, it also has an integrated lock so it can be secured to the frame. We use high quality cells manufactured by LG and Samsung (click here for data sheets).

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The compact LCD display delivers all important information at a glance, even in direct sunlight. Riders can switch between the motor's support levels using the extremely robust remote control. The USB port supports mobile devices and the optional Bluetooth communication addresses the Bafang GO app.

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